In Conversation- Sebastian D’Souza, the man who shot Kasab

[Disclaimer: This article contains graphic images. Viewer discretion is advised.] Sebastian D’Souza’s soft and eloquent voice and hearty laughter might not point you towards his courageous and daring feats, but the 65 year old, now retired photographer can still calmly recall the details of the Mumbai Attacks with vivid imagination. The evening of the 26th of November in […]


Sir John Herschel: How Photography Got Its Fix

Sir John Herschel was the scientific superstar of the 19th century. He was an inventor, chemist, astronomer, botanist and photographer who made some of the most important technical contributions to photography. Most importantly, he is credited with coining the term ‘photography’ in the english language, deriving it from the french word ‘photographie’ in 1839 after Daguerre’s […]

And the winner is…

Okay! So its announcement time! The past few days, we’ve looked over just close to 600 entries to our competition celebrating the completing our first year in publication! It’s been an amazing and an enriching experience! After much deliberation we have chosen Delhi based photographer Shubham Lodha’s image as the winner. We liked the image […]