Disclaimer and Ethics Statement

By Kshitij Nagar, Editor in Chief- Writing Through Light

I started Writing Through Light (WTL) in the June 2015 as over time, I realized that there were no spaces catering to photography and photographers in India and there were very few sources for getting correct, critical, complete and unbiased information. I felt this needed to be solved, hence WTL came into being.

I felt the need for a proper resource for photographers in India as, while we do have a few magazines and publications, we do not however get information that is unbiased and accurate. Also, all the content that we do see online is geared mostly towards a western audience and does not appeal to us in a localised manner.

In its short life, WTL has grown tremendously and I am forever grateful to our readers for showing us the support and appreciating all that we do for them.

WTL is a free resource, and always will be. I am not a techie or an entrepreneur and WTL is not a startup company or a portal looking to get funding by providing you information. I do not do this for a profit. I only do it to solve the problem of lack of exposure to information that Indian photographers face on a regular basis.

Also we have a strict Privacy Policy, WTL does not share or make money by handing out your personal info to anybody (if you do sign up for our newsletter or attend one of our workshops.)

All equipment that we test is provided to us, either directly by the company or by a dealer. It is loaned to us with an understanding that we will voice our independent opinion based upon facts and indepth, scientific testing. As a founding principle, WTL does not do any paid reviews. The author of the review or WTL as a publication do not receive any commercial benefit in scoring a piece of equipment higher or lower or favouring a brand over another, ever.

Why we run ads- Just like any other web publication, we do have a set of fixed costs, such as server hosting and security fees and newsletter distribution costs that are several thousand dollars each. Revenue generated through running ads on our website go towards paying off these costs as well as towards paying interns that help us.

If you would like to help us in any way, have us review a product of yours, would like to intern with us or just want to say Hi, write to us at – editor.wtl@gmail.com or tweet to us @writethrulight


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