500 px unveils new, image friendly design

500px the popular photography community website, announced a new design to their website yesterday. 500px has rapidly grown as a medium for photographers and even designers and digital artists to showcase their work and gather feedback from the community. It serves as a place to interact and socialise with other photographers by showcasing your work and discovering and engaging with the works of others. Slowly 500px has been building a community of its own and currently has 2.5 million registered users and over 10 million monthly active users. Also, 500px is a great way to showcase your portfolio to friends, colleagues and potential clients. Users can also choose to sell their work through the 500px marketplace.

The company says that the new design is based on user feedback, and has been finalised after extensive testing over the past few months.

While, the entire website has seen major changes as well as a few small tweaks here and there. Mainly, the new design has two significant changes-

First, and most importantly, the display size of the photos has been increased. Portrait orientation images are now 12% larger, and landscape-orientation photos are 15% larger. The comments, follow and share buttons are now prominently displayed on the side.

Comments are always displayed, while the rest of the info can be found in a collapsible “Details” tab. Also if your photos are available for purchase through the 500px Marketplace, buyers can license it right away through the “Download” tab.

500px new design


All the photos will always be displayed against a black background do give the best judgement of colour, contrast and exposure. Also, the gallery or set from which your photo appears in is listed below the image so followers/clients can quickly browse through more of your work.

Thankfully the developers have also taken into account users on slower connections, now, low-res versions of your images will preload so that users get a quick preview, while the full resolution file loads in the background.

The display page has also been made responsive and “organic”. The page learns the habits of the user. For example, if you always view the Details dropdown to see what camera gear was used to capture the photo, the page will make sure Details is always open for you.

The second major feature to be added is the profile page. The square cropped thumbnails have been replaced by full aspect ratio thumbnails. This lets you show your images naturally, especially portraits and panoramas.

500px New design 1


The designers have taken care to keep the design clean and balanced. More focus has been put to showcase the photographer and images. The tabs leading to the About page, Favourites, and Groups as well as Follow and Share buttons are now prominent and on the side.

500px says that it is constantly changing and looking to bring in inputs from users.

You can provide feedback to the developers by clicking here.



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