And the winner is…

Okay! So its announcement time!

The past few days, we’ve looked over just close to 600 entries to our competition celebrating the completing our first year in publication! It’s been an amazing and an enriching experience!

After much deliberation we have chosen Delhi based photographer Shubham Lodha’s image as the winner.

shubham lodha_portrait of brooke, delhi 15 (1)

We liked the image for its stark, contrasty texture and the piercing gaze of the eyes that convey the sense of being abandoned, which was the theme of the competition.

The photographer had the following to say about the image and it’s interesting backstory: ” I took this photograph in Delhi last year during winters. Brooke (the person in the image) was a solo traveller who had come to India a couple months back. When I met him, he had no money to go back and his legs were terribly injured because of an accident. He was living on the streets and he could hardly talk to anyone because of the language gap. I don’t think I have seen anyone more lost. ”

The image was shot using a Fujifilm XPro -1.

Somewhat fittingly, Shubham wins a retro looking, XL Old School camera bag made by Hugger-UK to carry that XPro- 1 in!

A big thank you to the co-sponsors- Golu Photos in New Delhi!

An even bigger thank you to all those who entered!

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