Above- Art-List front page

Art- List, a service that delivers royalty free tracks at a flat fee


Getting a background music track that fits in perfectly for your video or film is not always easy. More over it can be a difficult and costly task, especially if you make a lot of videos.

While there are a lot of websites that offer royalty-free music, choosing the correct track is not always easy as you may not always find one that fits in with your visual or appeals to you creatively or, if you do find one of high quality, it may sometimes be costly and out of your budget. Also, managing different royalties licenses for different publishing platform is very cumbersome.

While prices start quite low for personal use such as on VLogs and short films meant for small consumption, but when you start talking about using tracks for larger commercial use, mid- large productions or broadcast television, Audio tracks can get very expensive due to various licensing requirements.

Now comes in Art-list into the picture. It is a new and upcoming resource that aims to change the way you license music and sound for your Video project. By using Art-List, instead of paying per track, and then negotiating through various licensing fees, you get an integrated platform that introduces a curated collection of music that can be used in any of your productions for a one time only flat-fee.

Above- Art-List front page
Above- Art-List front page

Music from the Art-List can be used for commercials, documentaries, films, Television and programs and on Facebook and YouTube without any copyright violations.

Above: Art-List artist page
Above: Art-List artist page

The service is specifically aimed at film and video production thus the tracks available are very well suited for these applications.

Check out this demo-


The Art-List launches in February of 2016, and final prices will then be declared but from what we are hearing, it would be just about 100-150 USD (Rupees 5,000-8,000 approx.) for a flat subscription fee. I sure this would be very appealing to a lot of filmmaker, both professional and amateurs. Stay tuned for more! Check out Art-List for regular updates.


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  1. This was very helpful!I’ve been looking for a music licensing service like this for a long time! Thanks for sharing

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