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Canon 1D X Mark II India Launch – Hands on – Pictures


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We finally got our hands on the new Canon 1Dx MarkII at the official launch event in New Delhi today. Unfortunately the camera was a pre production model so we could not shoot or share any images from the camera. Check out some quick clicks below-

The top of the camera has a noticeable bulge due to the in built GPS unit. Geotagging images has become essential for news, landscape and wildlife shooter, there fore having a GPS unit built and is a great feature. It saves the hassle of buy, carrying and attaching a separate module.

canon 1dx mark2 hands on 1


The front, the top and the back of the camera are identical to the pervious model. In fact the only physical difference is the Mark II badge on the front of the camera.  All the control and buttons are in a familiar place, something that users upgrading from the previous model would really appreciate.

canon 1dx mark2 hands on 2


In terms of connectivity, the camera gets a big boost with the addition of USB3 for faster data transfer. The camera also now finally has a headphone jack for monitoring audio. It also retains the PC sync for attaching a flash cord as well as the 1Gigabit Ethernet Wired Lan port, something that press photographers in much appreciate.

canon 1dx mark2 hands on 3


In terms of recording media, the camera has 1 (one) Compact Flash (CF) card slot as well as 1(one) CFast 2.0 card slot for recording 4K video as well as slow motion in HD (120FPS). The CFast slot also now offers the ability to shoot approx. 170 RAW images in a buffer.

canon 1dx mark2 hands on 4


The camera and buttons feature a much improved weather sealing, something that Canon India stressed upon quite a bit. The camera is also now touted as able to  able to with stand greater shocks and impacts.

canon 1dx mark2 hands on 5


The LCD on the back of the camera also gets a huge upgrade. It is now a touch screen and offers Touch AF, something that would come in very hand for those looking to do smooth focus pulls while shooting video.

canon 1dx mark2 hands on 6


Finally, the battery too has been upgraded, for better performance and longer duration of shooting in video as well as with GPS turned on. While shooting video, the battery will offer upto 1.hour and 30mins of continuos shooting (to an external recorder. Internal shooting is still limited to 29mins 59secs due to the different taxation that applies to still and video cameras. Cameras that shoot video for grater than 30 mins. of video are classified in a different tax bracket and are therefore more expensive.) The good news for existing users looking to upgrade is that the older LP-E4 battery is still compatible, only downside is that the camera will shoot upto 12fps in burst mode and 14fps with the focus locked. (With the new battery the camera gains 2fps. It shoots at 14fps and at 16fps with the focus locked)

canon 1dx mark2 hands on 7


Talking of burst shooting, this is how fast the buffer clears on the camera-

This video is shot with a Compact Flash card inserted into the camera. If you have a CFast 2.0 card inserted, the camera will hold you upto 170 RAW files (approx.) in buffer.

And this is what 14FPS on this camera looks like-


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