Canon 5D Mark IV Announced- India Launch

[We are at Canon India’s Launch Event in New Delhi. We will update the article with more info and  first impressions as soon as possible.] 

The entire industry had been waiting on Canon to launch the 5D mark IV with many rumours and leaks coming out in the past month, Canon has finally addressed all that with finally launching the camera yesterday. The camera has some new and pathbreaking technology inside it.

Here are all the specs we know as of now-

  • Resolution- New 30.4 megapixel full-frame sensor with Dual Pixel AF. Finally the main 5D series gets a big resolution upgrade from 22-30 megapixels, something that users have been asking for a long time.
  • Video- 4K Video upto 30fps finally comes to a 5D series body. It was previously seen in the 1DX MarkII series. Although the codec still remains Motion JPEG with H.264 wrapper. In terms of HD recording, the camera finally does upto 60fps of video capture for smoother web video or for use in slow motion. In terms of compression, the camera with do 4.2.2. colour capture in HD and 4.2.0 colour campture in 4K. Canon has also added the ability to capture a 4K frame grab while playing back footage.
  • Autofocus- The AF system has been upgraded to include a 61-point AF system with 41 cross-type sensors. The biggest improvement is that the centre point has enhanced low light sensitivity down to -3 EV (which is the equivalent of moonlight. This will be very helpful for photojournalists and for people who use telephoto lenses with teleconverters.
  • AF Tracking- The body also features an Enhanced Servo mode in Auto Focus for Tracking subject. This feature is available for both stills and for video. This is a first for any Canon DSLR and a feature that many people will like.
  •  ISO Performance- As always, the ISO performance has been improved. The range has been extended to ISO 100-32000 (expandable to 102400)
  • Burst mode- The camera has 7 fps continuous shooting which is 1 extra frame per second from the previous model.
  • Dual Pixel RAW- This is one of the biggest breakthroughs in DSLR technology. This feature gives the user the ability to micro adjust focus (refocus) and remove lens distortion in post processing using Canon Digital Photo Professional Software. This will be very helpful to anybody shooting at wide open apertures such a wedding photographers as it gives them the capability to correct (shift) focus in post processing if needed.
  • Full-time touchscreen: The camera features full time touch screen capability, not just in video mode. All menu options and settings are now switchable via touch screen.
  • Connectivity: The camera has inbuilt WiFi and GPS connectivity. You no longer need seperate devices to embed this information. This enables photographers to also control the camera via a dedicated app or for an assistant to extract and start editing on files if required. The camera also features NFC for easy one touch connectivity to a phone or tablet.

Pricing and Availability:

The camera will be prices at INR 2,54,995/- the camera will be made available to Indian customers as early as 10th of September via special pre-orders through certain Canon Image Square Dealers.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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