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Canon 5D-S and 5D-SR as well as XC 10 launched in India.

On the 9th of June 2015, Canon India launched the much awaited Canon 5D-S and 5D-SR as well as XC 10 models in India.

Both the Canon 5D-S and 5D-SR pack a massive a resolution of 50.6 megapixels and are full-frame cameras.

They are the world’s highest-resolution full-frame DSLR cameras as of now.

5D canon

Both the models are available for purchase. While the EOS 5D-S is priced at Rs 2,52,995/- the EOS 5D-SR is priced at Rs 2,65,995/-

The difference between the two models is the absence of the Anti Aliasing filter in the 5D- SR model which helps produce even finer detail.

Along with these two flagship models, the XC 10 4K professional camcorder was also released.

You can read an overview of the XC 10 HERE.

The XC 10 is priced at Rupees 1,70,000/-

We will be getting demo units of these cameras soon for our own testing as well as detailed review. Watch this space for more!

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  1. Not every wants a representation of reality. I like the colors that are in Canon jpegs. I tend to increase saturation, sometimes a lot to achieve a more graphic look. If the default is more saturation, that s great for me, especially if I am shooting between 10am and 3pm.

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