Canon 120MP DSLR Prototype 3

Canon’s 120 megapixel camera produces 210MB files, and might look like this

As Canon Expo took off in New York yesterday, Canon showed off an actual working prototype of the 120 megapixel DSLR announced few days ago.

The sensor sports a 120Mega Pixel APS-H format sensor (only for testing purposes) in a Canon 5Ds camera body. Canon uses APS-H sensors for its prototypes. The final product will be a full frame sensor.


Photography Bay shared these images of the prototype on Twitter.

Canon 120MP DSLR Prototype 2


The model display at the Expo was using the model name EOS Y038. This probably implies that it is the 38th prototype in testing.


Canon 120MP DSLR Prototype 1

Right now, the camera only operates at ISO 100 and produces RAW files of around 210MB per file.


Canon 120MP DSLR Prototype 3


At this time, this unit is effectively a technological demo, and a final product should at least a couple of years away (with Canon just having announced the 5Ds and 5DsR models this year), however with Canon already demoing the technology publicly, it might just be earlier.



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