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GoPro debutes Hero Plus, A budget friendly action camera

GoPro has decided to further expand its camera lineup by announcing the Hero+. The camera is very affordable as it drops the LCD screen found in the Hero+ LCD that was announced back in June this year. The camera still features full HD 1920×1080 video recording at upto 60 frames per second (fps) and has WiFi connectivity.

gopro hero + banner

The camera is reportedly USD 100/- (approx. Rupees 6,500/-) cheaper than the LCD version.

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The camera can also do HD 720p video at upto 60fps and packs 8megapixels for shooting still images. Other features include Timelapse mode, Auto LowLight mode, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in clip trimming and sharing option, the ability to QuikCapture (power up and REC start video with a single button), as well as the ability to selectively tag key shots and moments while filming.

A quick overview video of the announcement and features-

Some sample pictures that the company released-

gopro hero plus + 1

gopro hero plus + 3

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While there is no official confirmation yet, the camera is rumoured to be priced around Rupees 15,000/- (USD 200/-) and possible set to arrive by early november.



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