Pentax FullFrame DSLR MockUp

Pentax teases full frame DSLR – Launch expected in Spring 2016

Ricoh-Pentax has released a teaser page for an upcoming full frame Pentax DSLR.



Pentax FullFrame DSLR 1


Ricoh (Parent company that owns Pentax) first announced that a Full Frame DSLR would arrive by the end of 2015. This was confirmed to me personally at the launch event of the Penax 645z medium format camera in October of last year, in New Delhi.

From this latest teaser it appears that the date has been pushed further a bit and the camera will now arrive by Spring 2016 ( Aprail-May-June/ Financial Quarter 1).

Ricoh also released a few images detailing the body of the DSLR

Pentax FullFrame DSLR  2


Pentax FullFrame DSLR 4


The body seems to carry forward the sharp, triangular pentaprism view finder design from the film SLR days.

Pentax FullFrame DSLR  3


It would be interesting to see if the camera features the same robust, weather sealing that has given Pentax its strong reputation.

Pentax did show a mockup/ prototype of the camera at CP+ trade show in Japan last year.

Pentax FullFrame DSLR CP+


Photo courtesy- DC Watch

Another strong buzz is the robust sensor performance that the camera will deliver on. It is rumoured that the camera will probably feature a Sony sensor. It could be the same 36 megapixel sensor found in the Nikon D810 or the 42mega pixel sensor found in the Sony a7R II.

Reportedly the camera will also feature a special High Resolution shooting mode which will allow the camera to capture multiple shots in quick succession and then combined them to produce a single high resolution image. It is said, this will allow the camera to capture images well above 100 megapixels.

Apart from these very strong rumours, there is very little to go on. But from what has been discussed above, this is a camera well worth looking out for, keeping in mind Pentax’s strong performance with its K series DSLR line. Stay tuned for updates!



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