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Sony announces A7S II Camera with Internal 4K and 5-Axis Image Stabilization

[News and information continues to filter in about this camera release. This post will be updated frequently. Be sure to come back for more]

[Update1 – More info about the sensor and autofocus system]


Though the hugely popular A7s (now Mark 1) was announced just over an year ago, today Sony sprung a surprise announcement at the IBC show in Amsterdam by announcing a new and updated MarkII version.

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Scenes of the launch from the press conference at IBC 2015, Amsterdam.

sony_a7sIIThe Sony A7sII features the same powerful Full-Frame sensor as the original Sony A7s and sports ultra-high sensitivity up to 409,600 ISO and the same low noise and high dynamic range capabilities that made its predecessor popular.

The markII version gains the new 5-axis in-camera stabilization from the Sony A7rII that gives you the option to use image stabilization with any lens that you wish to use on the camera.

Interms of form factor and ergonomics, it remains similar to the A7s and is now near identical to the A7rII in terms of dimensions and reworked layout of the dials and buttons.

The biggest advantage that the A7sII version gains is the internal 4K recording. The camera can records in the same XAVC-S codec and records 4K upto 100Mbps in 24,25 or 30 frames per second.

The sensor remains the same, almost identical to the previous A7s but now has better colour science for more accurate and pleasing colours, especially skin tones, as per the company.The base ISO remains the same at ISO 3200, and delivers the same 14 stops of dynamic range. Sony promises a full sensor read out so that the camera delivers and image without pixel binning and line skipping, hence delivering on an image that is free from aliasing and artifacts.

The same picture profiles carry on forward to the A7sII with two new additions. Along with S-Log 2 there is also now the option to choose either S-Log 3 or S-Log3 Cine, Sony claims it to be a more filmic, desaturated look. Also, the base ISO when using S-Log3 or S-Log3 Cine has been dropped to 1600 ISO instead of the 3200 ISO from the previous model.

A notable omission is the ability to shoot in aps-c crop mode like the A7rII. The A7sII shoots 4K internally only on full sensor mode.

Also the camera now has 169 auto focus points, up from 25 on the previous model.

Another first is slow motion recording at 120fps at 1920×1080 FullHD resolution.

Some slow motion footage shot on the camera, as released by Sony-


The finder has also been upgraded, and now apparently offers the world’s highest viewfinder magnification.

All new features at a glance-

  • Powerful lowlight capability at 209,600 ISO
  • Internal 4K recording to XAVC-S codec (at upto 30 frames per second)
  • Internal Slowmotion recording upto 120frames per second in Full HD
  • 5 axis in camera stabilization
  • Clean HDMI output at 8bit 4.2.2. colour space.
  • 169 auto focus points, up from 25 on previous model.


Some 4K footage shot on the new camera, as released by Sony-


And some 4K footage that shows the low light capabilities-


There is no news on the Indian pricing and availability of the camera, so stay tuned!

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