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Sony keeps promise, updates FS5 firmware to address image quality issues

Sony’s FS5 is fast becoming a popular camera, however, a few reported image quality issues had been reported by certain users. Earlier in the month, Sony had addressed these issues and promised to come out with a firmware fix soon. Sony has now fixed that with firmware V1.1 release.

Sony FS5-3

In particular there was concern about problems with the implementation of the codec. On the initial firmware release there were issues with macro-blocking and noise reduction that caused vertical tears especially while recording subjects with a prominent colour gradient.

The guys over at Cinema 5D have been able to get their hands on the new firmware and were able to test and independently confirm that the image quality issues have been resolved. Check out the rest video they released-



The firmware update will be available either tomorrow (Friday, Feb 25th) or n Monday. Be sure to check back in, we will add the download link once it is released.

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