Tokina 14-20 f2 A

Tokina announces ultra-wide 14-20mm F2 lens for Canon and Nikon crop sensor DSLRs


Tokina got the ball rolling for gear announcements in the new year with the newly announced AT-X 14-20mm f/2 pro DX lens. It is a solid ultra wide angle lens with fixed f/2 aperture throughout the range and is designed for both Canon and Nikon DSLRs with APS-C sensors. The lens has an equivalent focal length of 21-30mm on Nikon bodies and 22-32mm on Canon DSLRs.

Tokina 14-20 f2 A

This lens has a pair of super low dispersion elements for reducing flare and distortions. Interestingly the lens also features an asperhical element made out of (high quality) plastic to help reduce the same.

Lens formula-

Tokina 14-20 f2 inside

The lens has 9 aperture blades for smooth out of focus areas and a “a one-touch focus clutch” mechanism to quickly shift from AF to MF while shooting.

The lens also focuses internally (lens does not extend on focusing) to help with using filters which would greatly help landscape and architectural photographers for whom this lens is ideally positioned in the market.

Pricing and availability both Indian and International is yet to be announced.

Read the full press release below- 


The fast F2.0 Zoom lens of Tokina
Since the maximum aperture of F2.0 is given this lens, it’s possible to support the low sensitivity photography used ISO64 and ISO100 setting. The maximum aperture of F2.0 shows its power for the photography using the blur feeling and photography with the low brightness (In the room, In the night).

Adopt highly precise Plastic Aspherical lens
The 2nd lens group in this lens is adopted the plastic aspherical lens which improved surface accuracy, and is given antireflection coat. This lens is designed tough against ghost flare.

Arrange highly precise Glass molded Aspherical lens
2 pieces of super low dispersion glass molded aspherical lens is located in the back goup of the lens, and various aberration are corrected by these lenses.

Compact Body and Excellent Operability
Tokina’s exclusive One-touch Focus Clutch Mechanism allows the photographer to switch between AF/MF simply by sliding the focus ring, forward side for AF and back toward the camera for MF. This lens is designed as the fast aperture F2.0 in all focal range, but it is a compact body. This lens has a thread in the front frame, so it’s possible to attach filters of 82mm size.

The new Tokina AT-X 14-20 F2 PRO DX is an ultra-wide-angle zoom lens for the DX(APS-C) size, and has the maximum aperture of F2.0.

In low brightness situation, use it demonstrates its preeminent power.


  • Focus distance: 14 – 20 mm
  • Brightness: F2.0 Canon
  • Format : APS-C
  • Minimum aperture: F22
  • Lens configuration: 13 elements in 11 group
  • Coating: Multilayer film coating
  • Angle of view: 91.68° ~ 71.78°
  • Filter size: 82mm
  • Shortest Object Distance: 0.28m
  • Macro maximum magnification: 1:8.36
  • Focus method: Internal focus
  • Number of Aperture blades: 9
  • Maximum diameter: 89.0 mm
  • Full length: 106.0 mm
  • Weight: 725 g
  • Hood (Attached) : BH-823


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