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Vimeo now streaming 4K

Vimeo today announced that after is acquisition of On-Demand service VHX , the company will begin supporting 4K- Ultra HD streaming and playback for a subset of its users.

The functionality will be fully active for all users, across all platforms, some time early next year. Vimeo made the announcement official via a press release as well as their newsletter. 

While Vimeo Pro subscribers have been able to upload videos in 4K for almost a year now, but the service was only able to offer them as downloads. According to the officials of the company, this was due to the lack of devices capable of handling and playing back capabilities as well as display resolution of most devices. 

Almost an year later, and with more devices not supporting 4K, as well as their back end bolstered with the acquisition of VHX, the company now feels that this is the right time to roll out the service.




Users will not only be able to watch in 4K UHD on, but embedded players on third-party websites will support the resolution too. A very welcome move for independent film makers and content producers.

Additionally Vimeo also announced that it’ll be rolling out adaptive bitrate streaming for both its website and its various apps. The bitrate adjusts users’ streaming quality based off their internet connection and can support a resolution of up to 4KUHD.

Vimeo says the bitrate will work first on Apple TV (which only supports 1080P as of now) and other iOS devices also. Interestingly, iOS devices gain compatibility today, where as Amazon TV and Android devices will gain compatibility in the coming months.

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