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Zeiss Unveils new Loxia 21mm f/2.8 for Sony E Mount

Carl Zeiss today unveiled a new 21mm f/2.8 wide-angle lens for Sony E-mount cameras. The compact but powerful lens iss designed specifically for Sony’s E mount cameras, and especially designed to deliver high image quality on higher-resolution full-frame bodies such as the A7r and A7r mkII.

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The lens joins the35mm f/2 and 50mm f/2 lenses that were released last year.

The Loxia line of lenses from Zeiss offers compact, high quality manual focus lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras. These lenses deliver superior image quality and performance for both still and video when used on cameras from the A7 series or high end video cameras such as the FS7.

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“Since the Sony A7 series has been stirring up the photography market, the calls for a powerful super wide-angle lens were growing ever louder. For many photographers such a lens is the missing tool in their gear. ZEISS is now meeting that demand with the Loxia 2.8/21,” said Christophe Casenave, Product Manager at ZEISS Camera Lenses in a press release.

Loxia-2.8-21mm 4

The lens features an electronic interface for communicating with the camera body, this allows EXIF data about the lens to be saved with the images. This can further help with labeling, captioning or lens error correction when editing the images on a computer. Also, if you have the optional on screen magnification feature switched on to help you with manual focus, on your Sony camera, then this will get activated automatically as soon as you start to focus with this lens.

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The lens is small in size and weighs approx. 390grams only. It features a complex by compact lens formula of 11 elements in 9 group and is based on the Distagon family of deigns from Zeiss, which are a popular and high performance lens formula for wide angle lenses.

Loxia 2.8 21mm lens formula

The lens has 4 ultra low dispersion glass (highlighted in purple) for controlling colour fringing and distortion as well as an aspherical glass element (highlighted in sea green) to control perspective distortion.

Moreover, the lens has an impressive minimum focusing distance of only 0.25 meters or 9.8 inches.

The lens body is made entirely of metal and can withstand the rugged everyday use, keeping in mind that this focal length would appeal greatly to landscape photographers. Like the other two Loxia lenses, the lens takes 52 mm filters and is weather sealed to prevent dust and water droplets getting in between the camera body and lens.

For use with video, the lens has a very key feature. The aperture ring on the lens can be “declicked” for smooth transition on shot while recording video.


Loxia-2.8-21 de click



A few sample pictures the Zeiss released-

Loxia_2.8_21 wide angle sample 3




Loxia_2.8_21 wideangle sample 2 Loxia_2.8_21_wide angle sample



Indian pricing and avialbility of the lens is not know yet. The lens will be available internationally for USD 1,499/- (Approx. INR 97,000/-) from December this year.



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