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Indepth Review- Sony A7R Mark II (Video)

[UPDATE- Please read the declaration below, as well as our ethics statement. This is not an advertorial]

When the A7R Mark II from Sony came out, it boasted a strong spec sheet and promised to be another monster from Sony with a much higher resolution, better colour accuracy and an improved higher ISO performance. It was a camera that promised to deliver equal parts of both Sill Photography and Video capabilities without compromising on either.

We spent two weeks thoroughly testing out the camera ( a big thank you to AVIT DIGITAL, New Delhi in helping us do that) on various parameters to actually see how much of the spec sheet is actually true.

After, indepth testing and numerous test, we are throughly impressed by the camera and have given it a final rating of 92/100. View the complete review below or on our YouTube Channel . Do also subscribe to our channel to receive future updates on reviews.

As mentioned in the review, to receive high resolution test images shot on this camera, please send an email to- with “A7R Mark 2 Sample pictures” in the Subject line.



Special thanks to to AVIT Digital for providing the product for indepth testing.

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