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DSLR vs Smart Phone Camera, an Infographic

DSLR vs Smart Phone Cameras is a raging debate and often times, both new and young users as well as experienced professionals can get caught up in it. While the gap between the two devices has shrunk considerably, with smart phone cameras delivering much higher picture quality and even professional DSLRs offering the connectivity of WiFi and GPS, the biggest sticking point is the confusion between which device should be applied where. A smart phone would be a great device to take quick pictures and publish them on the web on the go, but it may not always deliver a satisfactory image when it comes to printing images. On the other hand a big DSLR might not be the most appropriate when it comes to candid shooting and street shooting, but they always deliver a good image quality when it comes to printing big.

Our good friends over at produced this infographic to help all users distinguish and decide between DSLRs and Smart Phones and their applications.

The infographic also conveniently begins by

Zippi also prepared this handy visual guide to using the correct lens filters. Do check it out ]

DSLRvsSmartphoneCamera-Infographic FINAL




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