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This video explains the darkroom processes that inspired Photoshop’s tools

Just a few days after Adobe released the Photoshop Fix, an app guaranteed to make your photo editing workflow much easier by allowing you to edit on your mobile/ tablet, we choose to look back at actual darkroom processes that inspired all the tools that are now available in Photoshop.

By now, most of us are familiar with many of the tools in Photoshop. Even if we don’t know the names of these tools, we recognize their icons and keyboard shortcuts. But, if you have never spent much time in the darkroom, you might not know how these processes were actually done. Most of the techniques were done by hand and using improvised tools.

Photoshop released this video earlier this year, on their 25th anniversary with the help The video explains the process of making “the perfect print” in the dark room. The presenter does a great job at explaining the process of making a black and white print and also the print making tools and their relation to present photoshop commands.


If you’ve never made a black and white print before, you might not know that the dodge tool was actually a simple piece of cardboard or a  burning actually meant restricting the amount of light the paper received by using your hands.


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